I am not feeling too comfortable in making "comments" on my manips because English is not my mother tongue so feel free to correct me ;) and I will correct my manips.
Maybe it would be better:
- Severus?!!!
- They told him that in French version his name is "Tom ELVIS Jedusor"...

From: [identity profile] imuptonogood.livejournal.com

I adore this! Saw it from the AYLNO group. Good work.

From: (Anonymous)


The manipulation is so funny! It looks really good, but what really got me laughing was Lucius' comment to Severus, and the reply.

I like it how Sev implies that Voldemort made a decision to dress like that, as though he liked the concept or something... so funny!

(Ialso saw it from the AYLNO group)

From: [identity profile] pattiyo.livejournal.com


Saw this from my comment on the AYLNO boards. You are amazing!!!
This is hilarious!

From: [identity profile] bielol.livejournal.com

Re: Brilliant

Thank you all :)
It was bugging me since that discussion on AYLNO about ElvisMort. I had to made it...

From: [identity profile] billywiggy.livejournal.com

LOL! Fantastic! Here from the AYLNO Yahoo Group as well. This is inspired. ;)

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