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( Nov. 13th, 2007 11:05 pm)
My small contribution to the faboulous story "The Marriage Stone" by Josephine Darcy :)

small version

big version

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( Oct. 28th, 2007 05:20 pm)
You Should Be an Artist

You are incredibly creative, spontaneous, and unique.
No one can guess what you're going to do next, but it's usually something amazing.
You can't deal with routine, rules, or structure. You're easily bored.
As long as you are able to innovate and break the rules, you are extremely successful.

You do best when you:

- Can work by yourself
- Can express your personality in your work

You would also be a good journalist or actor.

Heh I am a librarian :))))))))) but I AM creative :)
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( Mar. 24th, 2007 09:26 am)
Abduction by Kiix [Iason x Riki] - First 5 weeks of Riki's introduction of what it means to be Iason's pet and six months under Iason's hand

A Guy with his Stout: A Blondie with his Pet by kiix - Guy's mindset leading to mayhem 

A Replacement by Ele -  is a sad story of a pet. Angst! ...pure torture...

A Taste of Heaven by Enigmatic Mirage - Set just before [Dark Erogenous] begins. Iason and Riki celebrate their third anniversary.

Aftermath by Juxian Tang [Raoul/Katze, Guy/Killie] - Riki and Iason are dead; the others try to get on with their lives...

Acquainted With The Night working title by St. Geneva - This fic looks into the possiblities of surviving the explosion of Dana Bahn.

Am I My Blondie's Keeper by St. Geneva - takes place during Riki’s one year of freedom. Iason decides to bring back his property and the property is as always in loyal opposition.

Anekin's Story by DrkDreamer - WIP A side- story to 'Riki's Submission'. Anekin is an off-world pet rescued by Iason and gifted to another Elite.

Came Back by KillMagic - Iason's thoughts as he sat dying inside the crumbling Dana Bhan.

Can't Catch Me by meikouhaikitsune [Aki x Enyu x Omaki] - Aki can't resist his master much longer, nor can he ignore Enyu. Taming Riki related.

Capitulation of Fate by Danielle Christian [Iason x Riki] - Riki was hurt in the past, what will happen to him in the future?

Choice by Lena [Iason x Riki] - they survived...

Contemplating Submission by Dreamer46 - An AU (from Kira's 'real' story) possibility of Iason and Riki's first night...

Cup of Desire by Bastmoon [Iason x Riki, Raoul x Katze] - Cliché fic: An aphrodisiac made them do it! 

Danger Lies Ahead by SetoKaibaWheeler - Alternative Ending Of Ai No Kusabi! What happens if Guy's plan backfires? Who's the one is dead now?

Dark Side of the Moon by Bastmoon [Iason x Riki] - It had been less than six months since he left Eos...

Delivery by Lena [Raoul x Katze] - Sequel to On Hire. There is time for everything - for payment, for redemption, and forgiveness... 

Doppelganger by Shayne [Iason/Riki, Raoul/Guy, OC/Katze, OC/OC] - Sequel to The Other Side. Three years after the end of TOS, five years after the end of the novel/anime. 

Dress Code by Ele - looks into endless possibilities of how clothes make the man...or Pet. Riki doesn't like his new outfit, doesn't he? :)

Epiphany's Trade Request by Iron Dog's Lemon Orchard - Iason/Riki pairing, hurt/comfort with no graphic sex.

Force Majeur by Juxian Tang [Raoul x Katze] - Fic complete; translation on hold. Translated from Russian by Juxian and Lena. For many years Katze tried not to get involved in anything that could threaten his future. And when he finally gets involved, it turns out that it can change all his life.

Forgiveness by NewOrleans - Riki forgives Iason after being brutly punished for hitting Raoul.

Fortress by Becca Abbott - Jupiter wants the fugitive Blondie, Raoul Am, but the only man capable of bringing him in is Iason Mink, whose loyalty the god-computer has reason to doubt. To insure Iason's cooperation, Jupiter takes Iason's pet, Riki, as a hostage, forcing the most powerful Blondie in Tanagura to choose between his best friend and his lover. Previously published in MasZine 3.

Futile Attempts by Morella-20 [Iason x Riki] - Sometimes attempts at denying are useless.

Hair Grows by hypnotic damnation [Iason x Riki] - "Hair grows, Riki... but can your love?"

Hide and Seek by Ranma4926 - OOC, Iason and Riki break up, Raoul goes batshit, Mimea (remember the one who had the affair with Riki) is mentioned a good deal of times to annoy Raoul, Katze antagonizes said Blondie enough to get him trussed up like a chicken...

How 'bout a trip? by Hisui - Riki learns something interesting about a Blondie's solution for free time. Bet, he'll want to try it out...

Illusions by Kadira [Iason x Riki] - This story is set after Riki got released from prison, during the shower scene until Iason jumps actively into his life once more.

I'm Here by RueRoyale [Iason x Riki] - Riki has returned to Eos, but the nature of his captivity has changed, and there are questions Riki doesn't know if he can answer.

In Medias Res by Mickey M. [Iason x Riki] - Riki feels as if his life is always caught in the middle.

Into Ashes by Jade Pheonix [Katze; Guy] - the aftermath...

Jealous Intentions by Nefra - WIP Tanagura is turned on its proverbial ear when a recluse Blondie emerges from his hermitage. Riki settles into his life with Iason as back alley bargains are struck. Guy is fighting the madness of being separated from Riki while Raoul seduces the devil himself.

Just A Wonderful Trinket by Yuki_sama [Iason x Riki] - Iason introduces a new 'trinket' into the bedroom.

Katze's Pet by Dreamer46 - Katze gets a pet of his own, and discovers there are still pleasures to be had...

Let My People Go by Ele - takes place during a severe Amoian winter. The second revolution is about to break out. Scroll down the page.

Lucidly dreaming by meikouhaikitsune - Iason walks into a show his pet didn't know he was putting on.

Memory by Anna - what Riki is thinking during final scenes.

Mousetrap by Mimea [Iason x Riki] - What if Riki's encounter with Iason wasn't just a coincidence?

My Soul to Take by Mikey M. [Iason x Riki] - Iason doesn't want just his body. He wants everything.

Notre Dame de Amoi by Sephiroth, translated by Juxian Tang (Guy/Raoul), dystopia, non-con

No Turning Back by Duo Maxwell - WIP variation on Taming Riki by Kira Takenouchi

On Hire by Lena [Raoul/Katze, Iason/Riki] - On Amoi pets' life means nothing. They are no more than a commodity which you can create... or kill if it pays...

Out of the Embers by ro_buddi - In an alternate to the AnK world, Iason is saved by that who he hates, and his dark love...

Phoenix by Raye Johnsen [Raoul x Katze] - after AnK Raoul and Katze find something in each other.

Play With Me by shiori-inu-kawaiipet AKA Anastasia Malfoy - Iason's sick and wants to play with Riki. Will he let him?

Raping a Slave by velvetglove - WIP Riki's training, I think it's abandoned but maybe I'am wrong... but still worth to read.

Red Threads by Isis Nebuut [Iason x Riki] - Fate, choices, and the immortality of youth. Riki POV ficlet. 

Reflections by Kadira [Iason x Riki] - Six months after the end of the anime, Katze visits Dana Bahn to bid his final goodbye and to reflect on what happened, including his involvement in everything.

Revolution by KillMagic [Guy x Katze] - WIP Takes place after Guy uses himself as a suicide bomb at the Dana Bhan and wakes up to a painful reality. He's sick of it all, and after what he had done to Riki...he's going to bring the elites down and crash the caste system.

Riki's Submission by DrkDreamer - Riki tries to come to terms with being forced to be Iason's pet.

Sacrificial, by trowacko [Iason/Katze] - how Iason choose his new furniture...

Saturnalia by RueRoyale - An ancient Holiday where roles are reversed, and Riki gets a chance to be the master.

Screaming by Taryn - Set during the first OAV video; this is the slightly revised version if you read the original.

Seeking and Finding by shiori-inu-kawaiipet AKA Anastasia Malfoy - A one shot revovling around the best characters Riki and Iason....

Shave and a haircut by Anatra DeSylvianno - Iason Mink's naughty pet refuses to allow poor Daryl to groom him and his disobediance earns him a trip to the pavillion grooming boutique. What else does Iason have in store for his sexy Mongrel? Why...a visit to Serendipity where Riki is scheduled to perform....but does the Syndicate Blondie have something up his sleeves? Tune in to find out!

She Had Told Me by RueRoyale - Jupiter speaks to her chosen Son.

Small Freedoms by Fuyu - it's a cold morning in Tanagura...

Spoken Feelings by Charisa - Riki spirit is broken? - something is wrong with this link but I don't know if this mean that fic was removed from this site...

Strict Machine Songfic by Iron Dog's Lemon Orchard - author note: I've ignored the tragic ending of AnK for this little effort 'cause I'm just a mushy romantic at heart who likes happy and smutty endings.

Taming Riki by Kira Takenouchi - Iason Mink: Jupiter's Golden Boy, Head of the Syndicate and the Amoian Elite. When Tanagura's leading Blondie takes on a new pet, all of Eos is abuzz with the news. His choice is none other than Riki the Dark, the infamous gang leader of Bison, a mongrel with no respect for Iason's rank or authority. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas? Find out in Kira Takenouchi's Taming Riki.

The Contract by Iron Dog's Lemon Orchard - Iason/Riki pairing, Iason mindfuck.

The Gift of Yhari or Taming Aki by mojoh - Riki lets his jealousy get the best of him when he thinks Iason has a crush on Omaki as the Mink household welcomes another, much needed addition. Part of Taming Riki universe.

The Holocaust Piano by phaedra7veils - WIP Post AnK, Mostly RaoulxKatze, with some RaoulxIason. First Blondie, Raoul Am is delighted to find a rare and much desired antiquity in perfect shape, until the artifact exhibits unusual, possibly sinister powers. Does it endanger Amoi?

The Longest Night by kotori-chan - Iason finds that his pet was waiting for him...

The Lost Cadre by Iron Dog's Lemon Orchard - WIP Slightly AU. A strange Blondie and a fascinating new Pet.

The Man Who Came Back by Shabriri [Iason x Riki] - WIP original is in Spanish but every chapter was translated to English by San-chan; story starts with flashback but then storyline skip to AnK

The Other Side by Shayne - Coming back from the dead is easy; staying out of trouble... that's a whole 'nother story.

Three Days by Raye Johnsen - sort of an epilogue for "Phoenix". 

Tortured Secrets by Maria - Riki was torn with confusion.

Tough Love by Kag-Kitsune - Just a short Riki x Iason fic. Set before Riki was released the first time.

Umbilical by SarahQ - Riki was touching Iason's body.

Volume III: Masters & Pets by Kira Takenouchi - three stories from Taming Riki universe

Wasteland by Becca Abbott [Iason x Riki] - Jupiter would not give up on Iason...

Water and Smoke, by Kest [Guy/Riki, Iason/Riki] - Two loosely connected parts, both taking place pre-AnK. Trapped, Riki drifts through life.

We are Dead Together by Shino no Miko - An alternate universe story from Riki's POV, talking about Iason.

Winter's Solstice by Laughingwolf  -  WIP This story is set several years into the future, Aki is now sixteen years old! Part of Taming Riki universe.



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